5 days Tanzania safari tour package with Serengeti National Park

This 5-day Tanzania safari tour package is the best holiday and most exclusive trip and focuses on visiting Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, & Lake Manyara. This five-day Tanzania safari adventure offers a travel cycle that starts in Arusha and goes towards Serengeti National Park for the two-day game drive tour. After the game drive in Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater is next, then Lake Manyara, and the final is Tarangire, then back to Arusha in the evening.

Tourist capturing an elephant during the 5-day Tanzania safari tour package in Serengeti National Park
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The itinerary for the 5-day Tanzania safari tour package

This 5-day Tanzania safari tour package itinerary explains the game-drive experience during the whole trip. Also, another thing to note is how the journey begins and ends. In fact, we descriptively place this itinerary so that clients can customize it according to their needs. So, for accommodation, contact us to suggest the best lodges that match your budget.

Day 0: Arrival in Arusha for the 5-day Tanzania safari package

Today you will be received by our driver from Kilimanjaro or Arusha Airport. After that, he will take you to the hotel to rest in preparation for the 5-day Tanzania safari the next day. Also, we ensure you get the best food and accommodations for this day.

Day 1: Arusha to Serengeti National Park

The first day of your 5-day wildlife safari experience in Tanzania starts early in the morning. After breakfast, the guide will pick you up and start the trip to the Serengeti. It is a 336-kilometer journey that takes about 6 to 7 hours to reach the Serengeti. After arriving at midday, you will do a game drive for an hour before lunch.

After having lunch, the game drive will continue in the Central Serengeti areas until the evening. So, the guide will pick you up and take you to a lodge prepared for dinner and rest.

Day 2: Central Serengeti to Ndutu Area

On this second day of your 5-day adventure safari in Tanzania, you will wake up early in the morning and have a good breakfast, and the journey will start towards Ndutu. The guide will drive from Central Serengeti at a tourist pace to give you time to enjoy yourself on the way. It is a journey of 149.1 kilometers, which can take 3 to 4 hours depending on the road conditions.

Thus, after arriving at Ndutu, you will see thousands of wildebeest and zebra in migration as a custom of their ecosystem. Also, you will see the Big Five, which are famous animals in Tanzania's parks.

So, in the evening, the guide will take you to the lodge in the Ndutu area to have dinner and rest ready for the trip to Ngorongoro.

Day 3: Ngorongoro Crater

On this third day of the 5-day safari adventure in Tanzania, the journey starts after breakfast early in the morning towards Ngorongoro Crater. The guide will drive from Ndutu Serengeti at a speed of 100.1 km for 1:30 or 2 hours. So, arriving at Ngorongoro Crater will be in the morning, and the guide will start the game drive in the afternoon.

The Crater is a very beautiful and scenic area with thousands of wild animals in their herds. Here, you will get to see different types of animals up close.

In the evening, around 16:00, the guide will start the journey to take you to the lodge near Lake Manyara for rest and dinner. This is the best place to ease the next day's distance to Lake Manyara Park.

Day 4: Lake Manyara National Park

The fourth day starts early in the morning from the lodge in the Karatu area after having breakfast and heading to Lake Manyara. It's a short time to reach the reserve, where the game drive will start from early morning until lunchtime.

Lake Manyara is a park blessed with many flamingos and lions that climb trees. Also, it has a large number of baboons and many other wildlife. A large area of this reserve is occupied by a lake with a depth of 3.7 meters and a width of 40 km. This lake is a great source of food for flamingos as well as water for other animals.

So, when the evening arrives, the guide will drive you to the hotel in the Karatu area, ready for the trip to Tarangire the next day. This area is easily accessible from Tarangire and makes traveling easy. Then, you will have dinner and rest, ready for tomorrow's journey.

Day 5: Tarangire National Park

This day is unique because it starts from the lodge in the Karatu area towards Tarangire in the morning. It is an hour's drive for a distance of about 80 km to reach the park. So, after arriving, the game drive will also start until the afternoon, when you will get lunch.

Tarangire is a famous park in Africa for having the largest elephants in the world. Also, it has large baobab trees that make the landscape of Tarangire Park more beautiful. The park is also famous for having a lot of green land and providing a friendly habitat for various wildlife and birds.

So, after lunch, the game drive will continue until the evening, when the journey back to Arusha will begin. It is a 2-hour drive for a distance of 120 km to reach the city and the hotel. After that, it's time to rest and get ready to leave for the airport. So, this marks the end of the 5-day Tanzania wildlife exploration safari.

And this is the whole sequence of days in this 5-day Tanzania safari tour package itinerary. Also, this itinerary is available for tourists who want to do a five-day safari in Tanzania privately or by sharing a group.