8 days Lemosho route Kilimanjaro climbing tour package

The 8-day Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro climbing tour package is the best hiking trip which offers unique adventure while climbing the highest peak in Africa. So, this tour ensures the best Kilimanjaro experience, guided by experienced experts, and thoughtfully selected accommodations. Also, unwavering attention to safety for climbers and high-quality equipment is guaranteed so as to ensure an unforgettable and successful ascent.

Scenic view of mountain during 8 days Lemosho route Kilimanjaro climbing tour
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Itinerary for the 8 days Lemosho route Kilimanjaro climbing package

This is the best itinerary for the 8 days Lemosho route Kilimanjaro climbing tour package

Day 1: Lemosho Gate to Mti Mkubwa Camp

Your adventure commences at the Lemosho Gate, where you'll begin your trek to Mti Mkubwa Camp. This initial day covers approximately 8 kilometers and takes about 4-5 hours to complete. The trail leads through lush rainforests, alive with the sounds of wildlife. Mti Mkubwa Camp, situated at 2,750 meters above sea level, provides comfortable accommodations and a welcoming oxygen level. Expect mild temperatures as you embark on your ascent.

Day 2: Mti Mkubwa Camp to Shira I Camp

On the second day, you'll trek from Mti Mkubwa Camp to Shira I Camp, covering approximately 10 kilometers and taking 5-7 hours. The route offers breathtaking views as you ascend, featuring a gradual transition from rainforest to moorland. Shira I Camp, located at 3,505 meters, offers comfortable lodging with reasonable oxygen levels. You'll notice the landscape evolving as you continue your journey.

Day 3: Shira I Camp to Shira II Camp

Day 3 takes you from Shira I Camp to Shira II Camp, spanning around 7 kilometers and taking 4-6 hours. The trail continues through alpine terrain, revealing captivating vistas of the surrounding landscape. Shira II Camp, situated at 3,850 meters, offers comfortable accommodations with a gradual increase in altitude. Proper acclimatization becomes increasingly important as you ascend.

Day 4: Shira II Camp to Barranco Camp

Prepare for an exciting day as you trek from Shira II Camp to Barranco Camp, covering approximately 10 kilometers over 5-7 hours. The route takes you through varying landscapes, providing stunning views. Accommodations at Barranco Camp, located at 3,960 meters, offer basic yet comfortable shelter. The oxygen level continues to decrease noticeably, and nighttime temperatures can be quite cold.

Day 5: Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp

Day 5 involves a trek from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp, spanning around 6 kilometers and taking 4-5 hours. The trail leads through the iconic Barranco Wall climb, offering thrilling challenges and rewarding views. Vegetation becomes sparser as you ascend. Karanga Camp, located at 3,995 meters, provides basic accommodations, and proper acclimatization remains crucial.

Day 6: Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp

Prepare for the ultimate challenge as you trek from Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp, covering approximately 4 kilometers over 3-4 hours. The route leads you to Barafu Camp, situated at 4,600 meters, where accommodations are basic due to the high altitude. Proper acclimatization and hydration are paramount, as oxygen levels are significantly lower, and temperatures become frigid, especially at night.

Day 7: Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak to Mweka Camp

Day 7 marks the summit day, the pinnacle of your journey. Depart from Barafu Camp in the middle of the night to make the ascent to Uhuru Peak, standing at 5,895 meters. The hike to the summit and back to Barafu Camp will take approximately 12-16 hours. As you reach Uhuru Peak, you'll be greeted by a surreal, snow-covered landscape. After celebrating your achievement, descend to Mweka Camp, situated at 3,100 meters, for a well-deserved rest. Nighttime temperatures remain cold, so proper gear is essential.

Day 8: Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate and Departure

On your final day, descend from Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate, covering approximately 10 kilometers over 3-4 hours. This part of the trek takes you through lush rainforests once more, offering a striking contrast to the alpine environments. As you reach Mweka Gate, you'll have successfully completed your Kilimanjaro ascent. It's a moment of celebration and reflection on your incredible journey. From the gate, you'll be transported back to your departure point, marking the conclusion of this unforgettable adventure.

Generally, this 8-day Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro climbing tour package offers an extended and immersive Kilimanjaro experience up to the top. From lush rainforests to dramatic alpine terrain and the scenic summit, each day presents new challenges and rewards. We are delighted to invite you to join us on this nicest adventure, where you'll not only conquer Kilimanjaro but also create indelible memories and a profound connection with this extraordinary natural wonder.