One-week-in-Zanzibar 2024: most exclusive vacation package

One-week-in-Zanzibar is the most exclusive all-inclusive vacation package for the traveler to enjoy 7 days of beach holiday on this stunning island. This package offers a chance to learn about Zanzibar's history, and culture, as well as enjoy the beautiful beaches. Also, one week in Zanzibar it is a package with six nights where you will visit Stone Town, Jozani, Prison Island, and Spice Tour. This tour is also customizable for a client to make a choice on luxury, mid-range, or budget package.

Traveler relaxing during the one-week-in-Zanzibar in front of beach
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The best itinerary for the one-week-in-Zanzibar vacation package

This is the best itinerary for the one-week-in-Zanzibar that many tourists prefer to use. Also, accommodation for the entire Zanzibar vacation, the tourist can choose according to his needs and budget. This itinerary for the one-week in Zanzibar also gives the tourist the opportunity to customize the destinations to visit.

Day 1: Arrival for the one-week-in-Zanzibar vacation package

On this first day of the one-week-in-Zanzibar, you will arrive at the airport and be greeted by our driver. Also, he will take you to the prepared resort/hotel for the whole day's stay. So, on this day, you will enjoy activities such as swimming, waving at the beach, and sunbathing.

Also, you can play games with your crew or join other people on the beach in front of the hotel. Popular beach sports are beach soccer, volleyball, and water sports like riding water scooters.

Day 2: Stone Town tour

On the second day after breakfast, the tour guide will take you to Stone Town. Due to having a warm environment, you will be in light clothes to give you comfort during the walk. Also, you can carry a little money for the purchase of various things that you will be interested in.

Stone Town is a historical city where you will be able to pass through the narrow streets and learn about the ancient things of this city. Within this town, there are local markets where you can buy cultural items. Also, you will have lunch in these places at tourist restaurants and later return to the hotel in the evening.

Day 3: Jozani Forest and Spice Tour

This day after having breakfast the driver will take you to Jozani Forest. So, here you will get a chance to see the natural wonders that exist on this island in this forest. This is the only forest with red colobus monkeys which are not found anywhere in the world except Zanzibar.

In the afternoon from Jozani Forest, you will visit the Spice Farm to experience the production of natural spices. This is one of the characteristics that Zanzibar has as the best producer and consumer of spices. So, in the evening you will return to the hotel to rest and have dinner.

Day 4: Hotel Relaxation

On this day you will get to relax and enjoy the whole day at the hotel. So, you can relax on the beach or swim in the swimming pool. Also, during the day, you can participate in various beach games by hanging out with locals or fellow tourists.

Day 5: Prison Island tour

On this day you will go on a tour to visit Prison Island. This is a very famous and ancient island where you will be able to learn many things. You can do the Prison Island tour for half a day or a whole day depending on your schedule.

So, in the morning after breakfast, you will take a boat trip to Prison Island. This island is also famous by the name of Changuu Island where it has very large and old turtles. You will walk in its areas and also see the turtles in their reserve. Afterward, you will return to the hotel and rest.

Day 6: Hotel Relaxation full day

This is also a special day to relax and enjoy at the hotel. You will have a good time to enjoy the amenities of the hotel for the whole day. Also, you can engage in various beach sports as well as hang out and sunbathe.

Day 7: Departure

On this last day of the one-week-in-Zanzibar, in the morning, you will have breakfast and have a good time to put things in order for departure. Also, you will have plenty of time to rest near the beach until lunchtime. So, until noon after lunch (optional) the driver will take you to the airport. This marks the end of the one-week-in-Zanzibar vacation.

The thing to do is to book this tour so that we can prepare the whole sequence of your vacation. Also, we will provide you with a hotel/resort with essential needs according to your need. These requirements are SPA, lunch and dinner, swimming pool, beach, as well as day trips.